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At Lynx Protection LTD we offer a switch service which allows you to switch to us to take over the managment of the security team on your site or premises.

Our managment team will visit your site or premsies on a regular basis ensuring regular contact and communication you our client. We complete regular checks on the staff we are providing to ensure they are meeting their job requirments. Welfare of our staff is key, which is why our mangment also complete regular welfare checks with them.

Whether you require a fresh approach or if you have Security Staff that you would like to remain then we are happy to acheive.

Lynx Protection LTD can offer your current Security Staff a TUPE

which allows them to remain at you site or Premises but switch

over to us. This protects them and ensures their wages,

Holidays etc.. remain the same.

Our Managment team has vast knowledge of the

security world, With consultants throughout the UK - contact us

today to arrange a free meeting.

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