Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing

We work alongside other security companies and complete audits on their behalf by doing so we ensure that their clients are recieving the service required.

Our Audit process is thorough and straightforward, you will get instant feedback on what is working and what may need improving.

Are you confident your current security measures can stop an unauthorised access attempt?

By regularly testing your security defences through a programme of independent security access audits you can be certain that your security operation is up to task. This is a genuine test of the alertness and efficiency of the security staff on duty at the time of the audit.


The Auditor attempts to gain unauthorised entry, using entirely conventional means, such as presenting a false ID card, tailgating, acting as a courier or even a member of the utility or emergency services.

In addition to the Security Companies Audit, we carry out a range of customer service audits which are more suited to testing security teams in a retail environment and reception teams.

The audit can be tailored to each individual client’s requirements.

Please see an insite into our physical penetration testing process,

Attempted Entry

This is a vital part of the audit and tests the Duty Officer’s alertness, attitude, training for the job and understanding of duties at the time and place of the attempted entry.

Team Check

The Auditor carries out a check on security personnel on site at the time of the Audit to ensure that they are smartly and appropriately presented and are carrying valid SIA licences and corporate ID cards.

Operational Check

The Auditor makes a check on certain items based on standard on-site operational disciplines and reports back accordingly.

  • Management Visits

  • Key Register

  • Assignment Instructions

  • Daily Occurrence Book

  • Incident Reports

  • On Site Training

  • Check Calls

  • CCTV Operations

  • Overall Assessment


Cyber Penetration Testing


Penetration testing (also called pen testing or ethical hacking) is a systematic process of probing for vulnerabilities in your networks and applications.

It is essentially a controlled form of hacking in which the ‘attackers’ act on your behalf to find and test weaknesses that criminals could exploit.

The penetration testers’ report can then inform your choice of cyber security controls.

Vulnerabilities that cyber attacks could exploit might result from:

  • Poor or improper configuration;

  • Known and unknown hardware or software flaws; or

  • Operational weaknesses in processes or technical countermeasures

Lynx Protection LTD will mimic the techniques used by criminals, but without causing damage, enabling you to address the security flaws that leave your organisation vulnerable.

Conducting a security assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your computer systems is essential to your organisation’s security.

An automated vulnerability assessment can give you valuable information about your security status, but cannot give you a proper understanding of the security issues you face.

Only a penetration test carried out by a trained security professional can do that.

New cyber security vulnerabilities are identified – and exploited by criminals – every week.

Previously patched vulnerabilities can also be reintroduced as your infrastructure or applications change over time.

To protect yourself, you should regularly conduct security testing to:

  • Identify security flaws so that you can resolve them or implement appropriate controls;

  • Ensure your existing security controls are effective;

  • Test new software and systems for bugs;

  • Discover new bugs in existing software;

  • Assure customers and other stakeholders that their data is being protected.


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