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Need experts to improve the security of your premises in 2020? Lynx Protection Ltd looks to be your choice for commercial security consultants in the UK.

Based in Kilmarnock we cover the UK and East Ayrshire.


Security consultants can identify any weaknesses or potential threats that your commercial premises might face. They can also perform continual testing on your existing systems to determine if there are any potential problems or security threats.


This can include preparing reports for internal and external clients which detail the security issues, along with making recommendations and identifying the best solutions.


Whether you work in the healthcare, industrial, education or leisure sector, Lynx Protection Ltd can carry out an assessment of any credible threats you might face. We can also assess any site-specific vulnerabilities and asset criticality, so we can produce the most robust security risk assessment.


We can also create a robust Asset Protection Programme or site-wide Security Strategy if needed.


Our experienced Security Consultants help our clients to make informed decisions in relation to the acceptance, avoidance and reduction of risks.


We further aim to provide a security plan which covers all aspects of ownership, design, construction and management of sites and facilities within your particular environment. You can find a more detailed list of our services on our main website.


If you’re searching for commercial security consultants, discover more about Lynx Protection Ltd today.

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