It’s not just VIPs and celebrities who are recognising the importance of security drivers. At a time when acts of terror, kidnappings and car-jackings still occur, recruiting the services of a trained security driver is proving a must for many people and their families.

Lynx Protection LTD can offer security trained drivers who are skilled in vehicle evasive and defensive manoeuvring techniques and have a practical knowledge of all motor vehicles. We will proactively plan routes for maximum security and have tremendous experience in protecting numerous high profile trips and visits.

Specialist experience

With many former police traffic officers amongst our team, Lynx Protection LTD has a wealth of experience in protecting people and have often undertaken specialist security driving training in comparison with other chauffeuring business.

This gives us the operational experience of driving high speed vehicles and tackling high profile incidents. Our work ranges from providing VIP escorts and convoys, through to asset protection or providing protection to senior business people and their families.

In fact Lynx Protection LTD can provide the whole service from the provision of an executive vehicle and trained chauffeur, through to supplying a security driver to drive your own vehicle if needed.

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