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Lynx Protection LTD Dog Handlers provide the most effective level of protection, with a roving, visible presence, constant vigilance and ultimate psychological deterrent.

Whether preventing evicted squatters re-occupying a vacant property, safeguarding full warehouses or isolated industrial estates from robbery, or maintaining crowd control in difficult circumstances – security dog units provide highly effective security in cases where a lone security officer may be outnumbered.

In addition to ensuring efficient security, an experienced security dog handler has the ability to replace multiple security officers, so offer a very cost-effective security alternative.

The presence, visibility and effectiveness of uniformed security guards is enhanced if those specialists are professional dog handlers.

A security dog handler can use their animal’s enhanced ability to detect trespassers or intruders through their keen sight, astonishing sense of smell and sharp hearing.

Often, dog handlers are alerted to unexpected activity by their canine partners long before it can be seen, or even picked-up on surveillance systems.

Property to protect? Hire dog handlers for absolute peace of mind.

  • 100% SIA licensed, NASDU certified & DBS checked

  • Call 24/7 for a rapid response

  • On site within 2 hours


Further to being fully SIA licensed security officers, all our security dog handlers are trained and qualified to NASDU standards (National Association of Security Dog Users – the recognised industry authority upholding strict codes of practice).

As long-standing NASDU members, with many years of experience in providing security services, we’re committed to a monthly training and assessment programme for all our dog handlers.

Ensuring handlers are abreast of changes in legislation (for both your and their protection) and their dogs are fit, healthy and act as trained in every security scenario.

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