Covid 19 and the Security Industry


The conditions resulting from the pandemic may mean there are greater risks to the security of your organisation. Lynx Protection LTD wants to assist in mitigating any increased threat at this critical time.


This article provides links to guidance and our services to help organisations to mitigate security threats at this critical time.


Returning to the Workplace

Many organisations are in a similar position to ours or will be over the next coming few months.

Organisations will need their employees and visitors to undertake the correct social distancing

and hygiene behaviors effectively in order to continue operating or to return to a position of where

their missions can be delivered safely. This is vital both to the re-opening of the economy and

delivery of key services.

New guidance has been produced to help organisations mitigate per sec risks during the ease of

lockdown. The guidance identifies that disaffection in the workforce is a key factor in insider risk

and therefore focuses on the need for a refresh of per sec risk registers, the important of senior

leaders in providing reassurance, the need for good communications regarding changes to

security policies and procedures, a requirement to kick start the workforce by providing training,

realistic  job objectives and appraisals, whilst adjusting employee monitoring to meet the new working environment and putting in place a rigorous exit procedure for those leaving. 


The guidance encourages organisations to recognise how to use this opportunity to refresh and embed security messaging whilst reassuring staff on health, safety and welfare. 


The current COVID19 situation is an unstable one and organisations are dealing with considerable pressures to adapt to a changing world, leading to uncertainty and feelings of vulnerability in the workforce. These feelings can lead to growing discontent and disaffection if not addressed by the organisation. 

At Lynx Protection we provide various services to assist you and your organisation in getting that message across to staff. We offer Consultants who can assist in Risk Assessments and Method Statements before you and staff return to the office, we offer immediate care if you have already returned but require assistance in keeping up and maintaining the new changes and finally we offer aftercare for once the virus eases and this will hopefully be returning to normality. Which ever stage you are at Lynx Protection LTD are here to support you.


Personnel Security

Currently most organisations will have a larger number of people working from home than normal, which introduces additional risk. Encouraging your employees to take personal responsibility and to think and act in a security conscious way is crucial at this time. This can help prevent incidents and breaches from happening.We have issued high level guidance on good personnel security during a pandemic where usual security practices are either suspended or changed to reflect different working patterns. 

During COVID-19, poor employment screening processes could enable an insider to recognise the value in being able to access sensitive information or equipment. Having a strong security culture will act as a deterrent to insider activity by ensuring the workforce have a good understanding of security awareness, and ensure they understand how to report concerns where they notice behaviour of concern. The way in which you employ people may also have changed during this period. As restrictions have been put in place for personal interviews as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly likely that interviews for either recruitment, HR, vetting purposes or even line managers will be required to be undertaken via a telephone or online.  

It is important to preserve the trust already established with employees, despite serious disruptions

caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disruption can have a negative effect on how some employees

perceive or trust their employers, especially in how the latter responds to the crisis. If there is a

breakdown in trust and employees see limited efforts to support them during the crisis, some might

seek to undertake unauthorised insider acts for their own benefit or even just to exact revenge against

their employers.


Lynx Protection LTD have specialist trained consultants to give employers advise, hints and tips on

how to keep the trust employees have in their employers and organisations. We also offer services to

covertly monitor staff if you feel something is not right.

Hostile actors and criminals may act anonymously online in an attempt to connect with people who have access to valuable or sensitive information. Lynx Protection LTD can detail the security risks of putting too much information about your employment on social media.

Hostile actors and criminals may also seek to gather information about your organisation or event to inform their attack planning. 


Physical Security and Guarding

The physical security and security operations at sites will likely have to adjust to accommodate a different balance between health considerations vs security measures (some measures may be perceived to increase the spread of the disease), social distancing, non-availability of security personnel, changes in threats, vulnerabilities and risks to an organisation etc.

Where security staff resource is limited, consider deploying it across the various roles normally undertaken in a manner that has greatest impact in terms of reducing risk. In order to do this, it is important to take a strategic view of security risks and priorities.

Ways of reducing security risk that could be considered may include:

  • Limiting the number of operational entrances/exits and working hours

  • Securing and preventing access to non-essential areas

  • Procuring only from key trusted suppliers

  • Minimising vehicle movements onto sites

  • Ensuring sensitive information is destroyed appropriately


Lynx Protection LTD has developed the following guidance to help organisations work through some of these issues:

  • Security guarding

  • Access Control

  • Countering Drones 

  • High Street Hospitality: Protective Security Considerations

  • The risk to people from Vehicle As a Weapon (VAW) attack remains a real possibility during the

  • COVID-19 pandemic.  Social distancing measures will require authorities and businesses to

  • guide customers in and around commercial premises and publicly accessible locations

  • e.g. high streets.  In order to minimise the risks to people, organisations and authorities can

  • take practical steps to reduce the risk. 

  • Practical guidance on things to consider when communicating with a face covering - The guidance

  • provides some hints and tips on what can be done to maximise effectiveness of communicating

  • when wearing a face covering such as a face mask, and some things that need to be considered when seeking to identify and resolve suspicious behaviour in light of the wide spread wearing of face coverings.




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