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Lynx Protection LTD has worked with thousands of Individuals and Businesses to help recover what is owed to them. People and Companies across the UK and Overseas have benefited from our Professional Debt Collection solution. We are extremely proud to say that we have collected millions of pounds in the process.

If you or your Business are owed money, then it can be a very stressful, negative situation. Taking positive action to recover monies owed is a must!

It is a simple law of physics that positive actions will lead to positive results. There is not a more  positive action than using Lynx Protection LTD  to collect

unpaid debts owed.














From small debts to Seven figure sums, we go that extra mile to ensure you get paid what you are owed.

At Lynx Protection LTD, we understand the frustration of being owed money and that is why our service is fully inclusive. It is designed to be as transparent as possible in terms of our actions and the cost with no hidden fees.

We are principle-based, Professional Debt Collectors and our sole focus is to recover money as quickly as possible in a Professional and expedient manner.

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